The Dubois R-series differential roll coater uses a rubber application roller to apply coating directly to a part passing through the machine; the durometer of these rolls is selected based on the finish being applied and the substrate to which it is applied. The coating thickness is varied by the doctor roll pressing against the applicator roll which uses variable speed and direction capabilities to apply coatings with precise control of film thickness. The air loaded doctor roll assembly combined with Dubois’ unique pivoted roll arrangement allows for easy changeover of materials. These roll coaters can be provided with through conveyors of varying lengths depending on the application and can also include multiple application stations on the same conveyor. Dubois manufactures coaters in industry standard widths such as 50”, but has produced applicators from 8” to 120” in width to best fit applications; do not hesitate to ask about special widths.

Key features:

  • Variable speed chrome plated doctor roll
  • Air loaded floating applicator roll allows for adjustment of down pressure
  • Air loaded doctor roll
  • Quick change doctor blades
  • Digital readouts for precise control
  • Air actuated head lift to automatically raise head when conveyor stops


  • Variable speed rubber covered applicator roll
  • Variable speed conveyor drive
  • Automatic head height adjustment
  • Overlap protection
  • Ceramic doctor roll covering
  • Tungsten Carbide doctor roll covering
  • Doctor roll heating and cooling
  • Explosion proof wiring

Primary uses:

  • Stain
  • Seal
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat

Dubois equipment is solidly constructed for long term reliability. Our engineering innovations have enhanced productivity and simplified maintenance to drastically reduce downtime. Dubois proudly manufactures in the U.S., assuring rapid response and fast availability of replacement parts from local Sources. Contact Dubois Equipment today to discuss your roll coating needs.

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