Welcome to the Dubois & Timesavers Online Wood Showroom


Dubois Equipment is excited to display our newest technology in this ONLINE SHOWROOM. For the best effect, open it up to Full Screen!

In addition to launching multiple new products, we show the power to leverage Timesavers sanding and Dubois finishing technology together to automate your cabinet processing.

Visit this virtual booth and click on the highlighted machines to learn more.   Please contact us to learn more about any of these new products, and ENJOY YOUR VISIT!

To find out more about the Dubois Wood Lines, CONTACT US, and one of our sales team will follow up.

Wood Finishing systems

Wood Finishing Systems

A recognized leader in wood finishing system innovations, Dubois Equipment is your experienced source for complete flat line wood finishing systems for prefinished hardwood flooring. Specializing in wood finishing solutions custom developed for your application, we build systems that meet your needs now and into the future.

Metal Finishing Systems

Metal Finishing Systems

Dubois Equipment meets metal finishing requirements with metal finishing systems that are custom designed for your manufacturing needs. Our team works closely with you to understand the material involved and the finished product requirements. We deliver metal finishing systems developed to efficiently achieve your production goals.

Specialty Finishing Systems

Specialty Finishing Systems

Our specialty finishing systems are custom designed to meet a wide range of application requirements. We work with you to develop solutions for finishing plastics, glass, and other materials. Our specialty finishing systems deliver the finished components you need while increasing efficiency and productivity in your process.

Finishing Equipment

Finishing equipment is a huge investment – Dubois Equipment understands that. When you invest in Dubois finishing systems, you can count on excellent performance and reliability. We build our finishing equipment to produce beautiful finishes while optimizing productivity to increase your profitability. Your system is built with widely available and accessible quality components. That means if one of your system components ever fails, you will not be down for long periods of time, waiting for a replacement. You also have the confidence of knowing your entire system will not have to be replaced because of an unavailable part.

Dubois builds your finishing equipment specifically for your application. Your system will be designed to meet your current needs and adaptable to address your future needs. In developing our finishing equipment systems, we work to maximize productivity and stay within budget. Our finishing equipment is known for providing unsurpassed quality finishes, with a degree of repeatability for consistent results, run after run.

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