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Door Finishing Systems

Dubois Equipment has been a trusted leader in door finishing systems for decades, offering solutions tailor-made to each manufacturing application’s unique demands. Our experienced professionals can help you determine the best door finishing machines to improve productivity, efficiency and quality. We manufacture industry-leading equipment with premium-grade components that provide years of reliable use.

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Types of Door Finishing Equipment We Offer

High-performance door finishing systems from Dubois Equipment enhance product appearance, durability and functionality while maintaining your desired production speeds. These solutions cover a comprehensive range of finishing processes, from surface preparation and distressing to coating applications and curing. We specialize in products that prepare and apply finishes to cabinets and other door types, including:

  • Coating: Cabinet door coating machines like vacuum coaters, roll coaters, spray machines and edge coaters are vital for protecting doors from moisture, ultraviolet (UV) exposure and other factors that can cause deterioration over time. This equipment also helps create a superior finish, improving the product’s appearance and aesthetics.
  • Sanding: Sanding equipment is critical for door surface preparation, allowing manufacturers to create a smooth and even surface. These solutions maximize coating adhesion, enabling stain, paint or other coatings to adhere properly. 
  • Curing ovens: Curing ovens are critical for door-finishing applications because they help facilitate drying and hardening after applying various finishes like paint or stain. Dubois Equipment offers several options, including high-velocity ovens designed to maximize efficiency. 
  • Miscellaneous equipment: We supply a comprehensive range of other finishing equipment to optimize your door manufacturing operation, including material handling and cleaning brush systems.  
Achieving Consistent Cabinet Door Finishes With Dubois Equipment

Achieving Consistent Cabinet Door Finishes With Dubois Equipment

The professionals at Dubois Equipment understand how critical high-performance finishing equipment is in the door manufacturing industry. Our decades of manufacturing experience and superior engineering expertise have allowed us to emerge as one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of door-finishing solutions. Our state-of-the-art facility in Indiana enables us to manufacture each item under one roof from start to finish while utilizing strict quality control parameters.

In addition, our in-house lab facilities allow our engineers to perform testing on nearly any substrate. This testing equipment includes many Dubois Equipment machinery lines, including coaters, sanders, distressers, curing ovens and spray machines.

Other Wood Finishing Systems

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If you want to learn more about our door-finishing systems and how they can benefit your application, the professionals at Dubois Equipment can guide you. Upgrading your existing finishing processes with our solutions can significantly help you improve your operation’s productivity and quality.

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