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Flat Panel Finishing

Dubois Equipment is a trusted source for flat panel finishing systems with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing finishing equipment. When you partner with us for your finishing equipment needs, we offer you unmatched expertise to custom-tailor American-made equipment to your unique specifications. 

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Our Flat Panel Finishing Products

Dubois has everything from table coating machines to wood panel finishing machines to meet your needs. Our engineers can custom-build coating, sanding and curing equipment to optimize your production process with five-star quality. 


Dubois provides two types of coating equipment, including roll coating and flat line spray technology. 

Roll coaters transfer a layer of coating from the surface of a roller or several to the surface of the part you want to finish. During this process, film splitting causes the layer of coating on the roll to split — part of it remains on the roller and the other portion sticks to the part. Common applications for roller coaters include liquid adhesive, paint, oil and clear coating.

A flat line spray system works for flat panels and three-dimensional substrates. These machines spray paint everything from moulding to trim pieces, rods, frames, strips and more. The device uses a conveyor with spray guns to cover the surface of your product.


Dubois has several types of sanding equipment to meet your production needs, including scuff sanding equipment and distressing equipment.

Our light and heavy scuff sanders use various scuffing head configurations to achieve desired variations in substrate thickness. This equipment is an ideal solution for preparing a surface like a floor or a cabinet door for primer, paint or varnish.

The Dubois Distresser uses various combinations of distressing, denibbing and cleaning brush stations to create various patterns. They can remove soft wood while adding an aged look and grain texture for surfaces like composite decking, siding and railing. 

Curing Equipment

We offer a variety of solutions to assist your team in curing products, including a high-velocity oven as well as a flat UV oven

High-velocity air ovens recirculate air to remove solvents and speed up the curing process. The first stage of the process is a low heat flash, then a high-temperature area. It’s the ideal tool for drying stain and curing solvent and water base coatings for trim, doors, cabinet doors, drawer fronts and much more.

Flat UV ovens are highly effective tools for curing durable and long-lasting coatings at a rapid pace with low emissions. Dubois can customize the perfect number of lamps, length, wattage and reflector type to meet your project’s unique requirements. 

Other Wood Finishing Systems

Dubois also offers a wide selection of other wood finishing options to match your application, from wood panel finishing machines to automatic table coating machines. Take a look!


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You can depend on more than 50 years of experience to bring you the highest-quality American-made finishing equipment. Dubois is always ready to offer custom-builds, installation and repair services.

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