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Dubois Equipment has a team of expert engineers with the knowledge and experience to create custom floor finishing solutions for you. Dubois Equipment has more than 50 years of experience as an industry leader. We have an unparalleled reputation for excellence as the primary manufacturer of flat line wood systems for prefinished flooring over the last 30 years. 

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Options Available for Floor Finishing Systems

We offer a wide variety of options for types of floor finishing systems to meet your unique project needs. 

Coating Machines

Our coating machine options include: 

  • Roll coating: Our roll coating equipment is perfect for applying liquid adhesives, clear coatings, oils, varnishes and paints. Roll coating is also ideal for a wide selection of coating types, including full or partial coats, substrate dimensions and more.  
  • Stain wipingStain wiping is an ideal method to achieve a smooth stain distribution and a high-quality finish. We offer multi-head systems to maximize the efficiency and speed of the process. 
  • Linear sprayLinear spray machines are ideal for priming, sealing and finishing linear stock. 
  • Flatline spray: Dubois Equipment flat line spray systems are an ideal solution to coat flat panels as well as three-dimensional substrates. 

Sanding Machines

We also offer a selection of floor finishing machines with sanding capabilities, including: 

  • Scuff sandingWe provide a wide variety of scuff sanding solutions based on the shape of your product, the line speed and the number of surfaces that need scuff sanding.  
  • DistresserThe Dubois Equipment Distresser is a configurable all-in-one tool designed for distressing, denibbing and cleaning brush stations. The system can produce a wide selection of patterns and trim lengths. 
  • Profile sanderThe Dubois Equipment Profile Sander is a heavy-duty solution designed to match the substrate of white wood sand, sealer sand or a post sander buffing with profile wheels. 

Other Wood Finishing Systems

As a floor finishing system manufacturer, Dubois Equipment also offers other wood floor finishing systems, including: 

  • Cabinet finishing: Our cabinet finishing systems can handle doors, drawer sides, face frames as well as end panels, fill strips and toe kicks. 
  • Door finishingOur door finishing options are also an excellent option to make residential and commercial doors smooth and attractive. 
  • Flat panel finishing: We can also help make your flat panels have a flush, seamless appearance with a rust-resistant coating. 
  • Molding and trim finishingDubois Equipment is a leading provider of wood finishing equipment that creates a reliable and aesthetically appealing trim finish.  

Benefits of Our Wood Floor Finishers 

Wood floor finishers from Dubois Equipment come with several benefits. We can custom-build our solutions to meet your exact needs and help you cut costs with the power of automation. Every part we select for our machinery has premium quality but is also common and readily available when you need to make a repair. There’s a reason Dubois Equipment has a legacy of excellence — we build quality and convenience into every finishing machine. 


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Dubois Equipment has the wood finishing machines you need to create high-quality floor products for your clients. Our commitment to excellence and automation in every custom-built machine is a stamp of quality you can trust. Ready to find out more? Reach out to our team online now to get started!

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