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Curtain Coating

Get the smoothest, most efficient coating process down with the Dubois Curtain Coater. This machine covers flat substrates with a width from 12 inches to 96 inches with various coatings. You’ll find it useful when working with products such as wall panels, ceiling tiles, shelving, siding, drawer sides, and glass.


Primary uses:

  • Wall panels and ceiling tiles
  • Drawer sides
  • Shelving
  • Glass
  • Siding

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Product Description

When you need thick coating on your flat substrates, the Dubois curtain coating machine delivers. This machine can handle products with widths up to 96 inches, fully covering them with your choice of water-based, solvent-based, UV or intumescent coating.

You have complete control over the infeed/outfeed speed and the pump delivery rate, as these factors determine the thickness of your substrate’s coating. Any coating that does not go on the substrate is captured and returned to the machine’s reservoir for reuse, resulting in high transfer efficiency. This waste reduction means the Curtain Coater will save you in coating costs, improving your bottom line.

We manufacture this machine with you in mind, making setup and adjustments as straightforward as possible. It also includes a pivoting head to make cleanup easier. The Dubois Curtain Coater also features optional add-ons like:

  • Roll in/out head design
  • Reservoir temperature control
  • Flow delivery indicator

Key features:

  • Pivoting head for easy cleanup
  • Easy set-up & adjustment
  • Variable speed infeed & outfeed conveyor drives
  • Pump delivery control

Optional features:

  • Roll in/out head design provides for easy clean-up
  • Available with optional reservoir temperature control (shown)
  • Available with optional flow delivery indicator (shown)

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