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Our History

The History of Dubois Equipment

Dubois Equipment has been a leader in the wood finishing industry for over 50 years and has been the primary producer of complete flat line finishing systems for prefinished wood flooring for the past 25 years. Our flat line finishing systems include scuff sanders, stain application roll coaters, reverse fill roll coaters, differential roll coaters, stain wipe units, high velocity ovens, ir ovens, uv ovens, cooling tunnels, and conveyors.

Dubois Equipment made our first UV application and UV curing equipment in 1969. Since then Dubois has been issued four patents for UV finishing machines. Dubois was a finalist for the Challenger’s Award in 2004 for our Mist Coater, which revolutionized the spray of 100% solids UV coating for 3D parts. Dubois was a Challenger’s Award winner at the 2006 IWF show for our 3D UV Oven, which allowed for both even dose and peak intensity on all surfaces of a 3D part.

In December 2008, Dubois Equipment acquired Advanced Equipment (AES) of Chico CA. AES specializes in coating application and curing systems for water-based and solvent based coatings. Some of the machines included in these systems are linear, rotary and reciprocating spray, linear and lateral curing ovens, and vacuum coating equipment.

Dubois has a complete line of custom edge wood finishing systems that have been provided to the cabinet, furniture, and door industries for over 30 years. The Dubois system of manufacturing allows us to economically provide equipment to meet your specific needs (line height, hand, conveyor width, conveyor length, color, line speed, automation level).



    Acquisition by Timesavers LLC.

    Acquisition by Timesavers LLC.

    For over sixty years, Timesavers, LLC. has been providing widebelt abrasive finishing machines for surfacing wood, metal, plastics and a wide range of other materials. Timesavers produces wood surfacing machines for the following categories: finish sanders, abrasive planers, combination knife planer/sanders, feed through orbitals, rough lumber abrasive planers, veneer polishers, seal sanders, and molding sanders. As a pioneer in sanding technology for the woodworking and machine tool industries, Timesavers leads the way in widebelt sanders. With unmatched service and support, over 50,000 machines in the field today, and factory trained independent distributors.

    The acquisition combines the strengths of Timesavers and Dubois by leveraging Timesavers’ global network, strong brand name, customer focus and innovations with Dubois’ extensive range of finishing machinery and specialized application systems expertise, giving their many mutual and potential new customers a complete seamless offering of technologically advanced automation solutions.


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