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Edge Finishing

Our Edge Finishing Products

Dubois manufactures edge coating and finishing systems designed to provide a high-quality finishes for any wooden substrate edges. We can custom design systems for each project type, including features like single or double-sided machinery, belt or chain conveyor, multiple coating, infrared, denibbing, forced air and UV curing modules.

Each piece of equipment we build is 100% made in the USA, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll receive quick service responses and replacement parts from suppliers in your area. Whatever your applications, the Dubois team of engineers will work alongside you to create an efficient and powerful solution.



At Dubois, our equipment for finishing includes high-quality edge coating machines and edge filling machines

An edge coating machine is an innovative tool engineered to roll coat square edges or mildly contoured edges. You can edge coat each of your units on a mount or preexisting transport device to match the requirements for your project.

We built the edge fill tool to tackle the gaps and defects in edges to create a quality finish for your customers. These coaters are the perfect tool for filling porous open grain panels, including veneer, oak and more. It’s also a compatible solution with solvent-based water and UV coatings. 


Dubois offers edge scuffing machinery designed to provide white wood and stain denibbing. Seal coat scuff sanding creates a square or mildly contoured edge. It also features interchangeable denibbing heads to match the line speed and scuff sanding requirements of various types of projects, including door edges, door jambs, moulding and trim, face frames and more. 

Curing Equipment

Dubois edge curing ovens come custom-engineered to the unique specifications necessary to cure your coatings. Our team of world-class engineers can offer high-velocity hot air, UV or IV ovens tailored to suit your needs. 

The size of the machine and its type depend on the line speed and curing requirements for the coating that you need to apply. This equipment is effective for accomplishing the edge process on many types of materials. Common examples include cabinet face frames, drawer sides, cabinet components, siding, shelving, door edges, moulding and trim, door jambs and more. 


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Whether you need a single machine or an entire automated line, we can help you develop, install and support your equipment. Want to take the next step toward superior edge finish equipment? We’re ready and able to help today. Connect online with a Dubois service professional today!

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