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Cabinet Finishing

As a cabinet finishing machine manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, Dubois Equipment is confident in offering you premium solutions. We lead our industry as the most trusted provider for wood finishing systems with a team of engineers that have unmatched expertise.

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About Dubois Equipment Solutions

Dubois Equipment has been providing American-made cabinetry finishing equipment to companies like yours for five decades. Our commitment to excellence has led us to the top of our industry as a trusted solution.

Our team of engineers is ready and able to customize a solution designed to meet your production goals and optimize your processes. Whatever kind of solution you need, you can trust the team at Dubois Equipment to walk alongside you. 

Options Available for All of Your Cabinet Finishing Needs

Dubois Equipment has decades of experience creating custom-built cabinet finishing machinery. Whatever you need for quality and consistency, we’ll always go the extra mile to help you find the perfect solution.

Applications for our cabinet finishing equipment solution include: 

  • Finishing doors: A finished door creates the attractive aesthetic appeal of a cabinet. Our solutions take your white wood through the finishing and coating process to produce a consistent and dependable feel for your cabinet doors. 
  • Drawer sides: Drawer sides are an important part of quality craftsmanship for a finished cabinet. Dovetail joints and beautifully finished sides produced by our equipment will impress your customers every time. 
  • Face frames: Face frames are a key to creating a powerful visual impact for high-quality cabinetry finishes.  
  • End panels, fill strip, toes kicksEnd panels, fill strips, trim and toe kicks are the small details that provide the premium touches on a five-star cabinet finish. 

Benefits of Machine Finishing for Cabinets

There are a number of key benefits to choosing machine finishing for your cabinet production:

  • Increase productivity: Speed up your supply chain process with consistent and reliable coating through machine finishing automation. 
  • Optimize efficiency: When you choose a machine finishing solution, you can reduce coating waste and the cost of manual labor for coating cabinets by hand. You can also decrease the lag time for your clients between leads and shipping, satisfying your client base with a quick turnaround for their cabinet products. 
  • Meet industry regulations: Another key benefit is the ability to hit the industry standards for quality. We design, engineer, manufacture and service our equipment in America, so you can trust that we meet all of the local requirements. 
  • Boost profits: It’s also vital to boost profits through coating. The higher the durability and prolonged useful life you offer for cabinets with coating, the better the chance of securing repeat sales. 

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Dubois Equipment cabinet finishing systems help manufacturers of cabinets and component suppliers to achieve reliable and consistent finished products every time. We believe in leveraging high levels of productivity to cut costs and boost both profitability and productivity.

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