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Our Sanding Products

Dubois Equipment has been creating industrial wood sanding machine solutions for more than 50 years with a legacy of excellence. Every machine we build comes 100 percent designed, manufactured and serviced in America with the highest-quality guarantee. 

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Why Choose Dubois?

Dubois Equipment has a commitment to excellence with more than five decades of experience in the wood finishing industry. Benefits of choosing our equipment include:

  • Customization: Our sanding systems are an ideal solution for completing your objectives and meeting the standards your customers have come to expect. Our team of world-class engineers will work with you through the entire process of building a better sanding machine for wood floors that will fit your business. 
  • Optimization: The power of automation can help to reduce your labor costs while boosting your ability to scale to meet the demand for finished products at a rapid speed. 
  • Quality assurance: Dubois Equipment sanding machines are the perfect choice when you need to place a high-quality wood finish on floors, furniture and much more. 
  • Consistency: Our machines are built to produce consistency across products so that they have an elegant and uniform appearance to please your clientele.  

Find Your Automatic Sanding Machine Solution From Dubois Equipment Today

Dubois Equipment’s automatic sanding machine solutions represent the premium standard for the finishing industry. You can trust more than five decades of experience when you turn to Dubois Equipment for American-made machines. Want to find out more? Connect with a member of our service team online now to discuss your options.

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