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Tube and Pipe Coating

Pipe Coating Machines

Dubois Equipment has been a trusted and reliable pipe and tube coating machine supplier for decades. We’ve developed a variety of innovative solutions for applying clear coats and paint that add value for our customers and help them meet their business and project objectives.

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Your Tube and Pipe Coating System

The extensive Dubois Equipment product line includes an assortment of spray machines and vacuum coaters for multiple applications. 

Spray Machines

Many of our customers prefer spray machines because they deliver a consistent finish on parts of all sizes when using various gun types. They’re also faster and more efficient than manual coating applications, and our equipment is easy to use and maintain. 

A highlight of our spray machine line is the pipe coater we’ve designed for applying 100% solid UV coatings to pipes or tubes. Key features include fixed automatic spray guns with extensions that enable quick, easy adjustments for varying pipe diameters. The stainless steel overspray recovery system provides a remarkable 98% coating utilization. 

Other products in our spray system lineup include fan coaters, as well as flat line and linear spray machines. 

Vacuum Coaters

Consider our efficient vacuum coating machines when applying single-color, waterborne and UV coatings to linear materials, including tube and pipe, structural steel, conduit, and molding or trim. 

The innovative design enables faster line speeds for increased productivity — the coater can achieve an operating speed of 700 feet per minute. The vacuuming process strips excess material as the parts exit the machine, providing a consistent finish with every application. You’ll also be able to coat parts up to 12 inches wide. 

We’ve constructed our vacuum coaters in four modular selections for maximum versatility and easy adaptability to various projects. Standard features include multiple high-efficiency air filters and a removable remote application chamber for fast, easy cleaning. 

Benefits of Our Advanced Pipe Coating Equipment

Reduces Waste

Our machines enable you to automate the coating process. You’ll complete the task faster and more efficiently while saving valuable time and labor. You’ll also minimize unproductive downtime, shorten project lead times and generate less material waste. 

Helps Maintain Regulatory Compliance

We’ve designed our pipe and tube coating equipment to meet today’s increasingly stringent environmental guidelines and other regulatory requirements. You can use your machinery with total peace of mind. 

Boosts Productivity and Profitability

Companies need to get work done faster than ever to meet customer demands and gain a competitive edge. Dubois Equipment can help you increase output and meet tight production schedules. You’ll fill orders faster and operate more efficiently, increasing revenues and bolstering your business’s bottom line. 

Decreases Maintenance and Repair Costs

All our internal pipe coating machines contain easy-to-find parts, enabling you to save time and money on maintenance and repairs. 


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