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Curing Ovens

Dubois’ Curing Ovens

Curing coatings on various types of substrates can be a challenging task. Dubois Equipment makes it easy with a wide range of oven components to tackle any curing requirement. Our ovens are designed in module sections ready to be equipped with any one of our curing tools.

These tools range from gas infrared (IR) ovens, electric infrared (IR) ovens, and ultraviolet (UV) curing systems. When you provide us with a sample coating and substrate, we can confirm the combination that works best for you by testing your process in our facility.

Benefits of Using an Industrial Curing Oven

The primary function of an industrial oven is bonding powder or paint with metals through heat. These ovens can harden products consisting of plastics, rubber and various metal types. Industrial curing ovens come in several varieties and have numerous applications.

Some of the primary benefits you’ll experience when using our curing ovens are: 

  • Increased line speeds and production efficiency.
  • Precise control of the heating elements.
  • Separate zones for each curing phase.
  • The ability to accommodate large and odd-shaped parts.

While many traditional curing ovens produce continuous, uniform heat streams, our equipment has controls that allow you to manage oven temperature and maximize your energy efficiency. Additionally, our UV curing ovens do not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other harmful pollutants, making them a popular eco-friendly option.

Advantages of Partnering With Dubois Equipment

We understand that curing equipment is a significant investment and your business’s success depends on the most reliable, durable and productive machinery. Our extensive experience and elite technical expertise have allowed us to emerge as one of the industry’s most trusted finishing systems specialists. Our team will work with you to deliver the optimal solutions you need.

Benefits of partnering with us include: 

  • Superior quality: While some competitors supply similar curing ovens, Dubois shines because we design and build all our equipment in-house using the highest-quality components. Since we use widely accessible parts, you won’t need to contend with significant downtime during replacement or service.
  • USA-based company: We manufacture and ship our industrial curing ovens from the United States at our Indiana facility, providing quicker delivery times than our overseas competitors. We can also furnish you with replacement machinery parts faster than most suppliers. 
  • Experience: In our five decades of curing experience, our engineers have worked with almost every type of curing system. Regardless of your specific application, we can help you find a curing solution to improve your operation’s productivity and efficiency.
  • Lab facilities: We have a dedicated laboratory at our Indiana facility to conduct testing on almost any substrate. Our lab equipment includes many types of curing ovens, spray machines, coaters and sanders to help develop the most effective curing solutions.

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