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High Velocity Oven

The Dubois High Velocity Ovens are designed to meet the parameters required to cure your coatings. The first stage is typically a low heat flash section followed by a high temperature section. The oven length is determined by the line speed and curing time. The High Velocity Oven has the ability to dry stain and to cure solvent and water base coatings.

Primary uses:

  • Moulding
  • Trim
  • Doors
  • Flat panels
  • Cabinet doors
  • Raised panel doors
  • Drawer fronts
  • Door jambs
  • Cabinet components
  • Wood flooring
  • Siding

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Key features:

  • High and low temperature sections
  • Low profile design
  • Machine can be designed to use propane, natural gas, electric, or steam
  • Top and bottom curing
  • Recirculates the heated air for energy efficiency

Optional features:

  • UV lamp section on outfeed
  • Machines can be designed for hazardous locations
  • Variable fan and conveyor speed drives

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Solidly constructed for long term reliability, our equipment is engineered with innovations to improve productivity and minimize clean-up, maintenance and downtime. It’s manufactured in the U.S., to assure fast response and prompt availability of replacement parts from local suppliers. Contact the Dubois Equipment team to discuss your hot air drying oven application needs.

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