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UV Curing Ovens

Dubois UV Curing Oven Products

The Dubois Equipment Company has over 50 years of experience creating the most elite finishing machinery solutions in the industry. We construct every piece of equipment in the USA with the quality and customer service you’ve come to expect from American-made products.

Our UV curing oven is one of the most popular pieces of equipment we offer. Dubois will custom develop and install your system as well as provide customer support every step of the way. 

What Is a UV Curing Oven?

UV curing is a photochemical process that applies a cure of adhesives and coatings using the power of UV light. Originally invented to provide an alternative to solvent-based finishes, UV light sets instantly with far greater tensile strength than conventional methods. The reason it’s more effective is that a UV oven doesn’t heat or dry the finish but uses the lamps inside the oven to produce a certain frequency and distribution of light that hardens the cure.

This high-speed solvent-free process is an excellent tool for streamlining automation in the production of a wide variety of products, including electronics, graphic arts, medical devices, automotive parts, metal, glass, plastic and more.

What UV Curing Machines Do We Offer?

Dubois offers a wide variety of UV curing machines designed to match different applications based on the diameter and number of lamps present in the UV curing system. 

Moulding UV Oven

The Dubois Moulding UV Oven is premium engineered for maximum performance in curing linear length lengths of product. This machine can provide an equal amount of curing across all surfaces of a substrate, including commonly uncured edges. 

The primary applications for this machine include: 

  • Cabinet components
  • Moulding and trim
  • Wood flooring
  • Drawer sides
  • Siding
  • Door jambs

3D UV Oven

The Dubois 3D UV Oven uses the full surface of its wide conveyor belt to provide maximum dosage at peak efficiency for a thorough curing process. Beyond width, irradiators focus the UV light to provide curing across three-dimensional substrates and never leave uncured edges.  

The main industrial applications for this machine include: 

  • Raised panel doors
  • 3D parts
  • Flat parts
  • Cabinet doors

Flat UV Oven

The Dubois Flat UV Oven is an ideal solution built for the rapid curing of long-last finishes. It has several built-in lamps, the proper lamp length, powerful wattage and a reflector type designed to meet your curing specifications. 

This machine has many practical applications, including: 

  • Flat panels
  • Flooring
  • Flat parts

Tube and Pipe UV Curing Ovens

The Dubois Pipe and Tube UV Curing Ovens are an ideal solution for providing an instant cure on the exteriors of uniquely shaped cylindrical products. We engineer every Dubois equipment system with the correct number of lamps and positioning to move pipes quickly through the curing oven.

The main applications for curing cylindrical shapes include: 

  • Structural steel
  • Conduit
  • Tube
  • Pipe

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