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Vacuum Coating

Dubois Vacuum Coating Machine

Equipment manufacturers choose the Dubois vacuum coater machine for wood, metal and other linear materials. With speeds over 700 feet per minute (FPM) and customizable coating thickness levels, this device covers your products in conventional or UV coatings.


Primary uses:

  • Tube and pipe
  • Moulding and trim
  • Structural steel
  • Conduit

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Product Description

Use the Dubois vacuum coating machine to coat product parts up to 12 inches wide with the protective coating of your choice. This stainless steel machine can coat wood moldings, trim and pipes at speeds over 700 FPM. As the machine takes in your products, it immerses them fully with single-color, waterborne or UV coating. Then, the interior vacuum strips the excess coating to reach your preferred thickness, resulting in a smooth, even layer every time.

This vacuum coating machine is designed to fit your needs. It comes in four modular sections so you can assemble it in the way that makes the most sense for your operations. With quick-change profile templates and dual-fluid filtration, you can even switch coating types and keep production moving at maximum speed. Dubois Equipment Vacuum Coaters are designed in four modular sections for maximum versatility in any finishing line. The application chamber is the only section mounted directly in the finishing line.

Everything about your new machine makes it easy to use, including:

  • A removable remote application chamber
  • Quick-change hose connections
  • Automatic control levels on the reservoir
  • High-efficiency air filters

Key features:

  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Ability to exceed speeds of 700 FPM
  • Coats parts up to 12” wide
  • Removable remote application chamber for easy-cleaning
  • Quick-change profile templates
  • Conventional and UV coating abilities
  • Quick-change stainless-steel hose connections
  • Dual-fluid filtration
  • Automatic reservoir level control
  • Enhanced baffle separator
  • Multiple high-efficiency air filters

Optional features:

  • Part feeder
  • Material handling


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