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Roll Coating

Roll Coating Machines

Is the roll coating process essential to your business’s profitability? You need dependable roll coating machines you can trust to get the job done. 

At Dubois Equipment, we design and construct innovative roll coating equipment that will exceed your performance, productivity and reliability expectations. We use quality components that can handle your most challenging projects and applications. These parts are widely available and accessible, saving valuable time and eliminating maintenance and repair hassles. 

We offer custom-built roll coating solutions strategically tailored to each customer’s specifications. Count on us to develop a system that will meet your current and long-term business objectives. 

Roll Coating Machine Options

Dubois Equipment offers an assortment of roller coating machine types to serve multiple needs and applications.

  • Single rotating: Consider this basic, cost-efficient machine for less demanding coating projects.
  • Differential: These machines offer a flexible coating solution by providing applicator rolls with varying speed and directional capabilities.
  • Compact differential: This model relies on a rubber application roller to coat parts directly. You can vary the coating thickness by adjusting the speed and direction of the doctor roll. The machine works best when applying UV-, water- and solvent-based coatings.
  • Multi-head: As the name implies, this roll coater enables you to apply multiple coatings. You’ll be able to add to your existing line without lengthening it, saving valuable floor space.
  • Reverse fill: These roll coating machines are an excellent choice for pushing liquid into open or porous surfaces like particleboard, flooring and veneers.
  • Combination: This model features dual-application rollers to facilitate a two-step coating process in a single production run. The machine can accommodate substrates with varying thicknesses by adjusting the rollers.

How Does Roll-to-Roll Coating Work?

Roll coating is an industrial fabrication method that uses specially designed applicator rolls to apply the desired coating or fluid onto a substrate. The process is fast and efficient, especially for mass production runs containing similar parts. It’s also easy to achieve consistent results by tightly controlling roll gaps, which optimizes project results and increases customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, automated roll-to-roll coating machines require less human intervention, saving time and labor and reducing costly production errors. 

Roll coating is ideal when working with various flat surfaces and targets, including:

Producers can use this method to apply a wide range of materials, including clear coatings, varnishes, paints, oils and liquid adhesives. 

The advanced roll coating solutions offered by Dubois Equipment are the result of decades of specialized experience and expertise. We meet a broad range of needs by working closely with our customers to develop a targeted design and manufacturing process based on various factors, including substrate dimensions, coating type, handling requirements and cleanup challenges. 


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