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Stain Wiping

Stain Wiping Machines

Achieving a smooth and consistent finish is your top priority to ensure customers are satisfied and continue to choose your business. Stain wiping is an essential step in this process after a coating is applied to create a uniform finish. 

At Dubois Equipment, we create reliable stain wiping machines with long service lives and unrivaled capabilities to produce the finest results your customers have come to expect from you. Our team takes pride in our work, recognizing the importance of being the organization you choose to invest your hard-earned capital. Dubois Equipment will do everything possible to offer innovative solutions and reliable support to propel your business forward. 

Market-Leading Stain Wiping Systems

Dubois Equipment is the preferred choice for cutting-edge stain wiping equipment. We work with customers to design personalized multi-head wiping systems for a smooth and efficient process. Whether you’re working with flooring, furniture, cabinets or any other material, our experts will learn about your specifications to build a machine that meets your current demands and allows you to continue to expand.  

Our stain wiping products include: 

  • Cylindrical Stain Wiping MachineThis cylindrical stain wiping machine has numerous pivoting heads to work with various material widths, while brushes can wipe diagonally for superior results. 
  • Rotary Stain Wiping MachineOur rotary stain wiping machine is designed with longevity in mind. It’s available with various brush materials for a consistent and high-quality stained finish. 

Choose Dubois for Your Stain Wiping Systems

When it’s time to add a stain wiping machine to your production line, Dubois Equipment should be your first stop. For more than five decades, we have been the leading manufacturer of finishing equipment for professionals nationwide. Our skilled engineers will work closely with you to develop custom solutions fit for your unique application and successfully install them at your site for reliable performance. 

Our products are manufactured within the United States using high-quality components you can trust. They are designed to perform for years, with many of our past systems lasting up to 40 years. If you do require a repair down the line, you can rest easy knowing every component we use is quickly retrieved. This availability will maximize your uptime to maintain a high efficiency to keep your production on schedule. 


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Whether you need a single machine or an entire automated system, Dubois Equipment has the solutions you can rely on. We maintain a comprehensive selection of stain wiping machinery perfect for various applications. Contact our experts online for more information about our products and services. Feel

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