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Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing Systems

Dubois Equipment manufactures systems for applying finishing layers to metal products. Our company has over 50 years of experience and a world-class, in-house team of engineers. We can custom design solutions built to reduce waste, meet regulatory standards and fit your production system. 

Why Choose Dubois?

Every metal finishing and coating system we design is customizable to fit the business objectives and manufacturing standards you need.

We can help you apply paint and clear coat finishes to a wide variety of metal products, including:

  • Flat steel coils
  • Flat steel sheets
  • Flat steel components

Through the help of our parent company, Timesavers, we can also accommodate you with access to industry-leading services for polishing, coating and curing flat steel products. We can also provide cutting-edge, innovative solutions for coating tubes, pipe coating, structural steel coating and conduit coating systems.

Whatever type of professional metal coating machinery you require, Dubois Equipment has the solutions to get the job done right. We’ll walk with you step-by-step to understand your production process and design efficient machine features to help you save time, reduce costs and consistently create the highest-quality finished product. 


Contact Dubois Equipment Today for Metal Finishing Machine Solutions

Dubois Equipment is a metal finishing systems manufacturer with the skillset to design custom machinery solutions that maximize your production efficiency. We always go the extra mile to learn your process and goals, so we can create solutions that help you achieve five-star quality in the consistency of your finished products. Ready to find out more? Contact Dubois Equipment online today to connect with our team and get started on your journey to metal finishing solutions.

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