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Spray Machine


Dubois has numerous methods of applying coatings to parts of all sizes for line finishing applications and more. Spray coating machines are popular because of the consistent fine finish that is achieved using various types of guns. Our machines can be fitted with many types and brands of spray guns and pumps to meet your process needs.

Dubois supplies the complete automated systems and machines that provide our clients with industry-leading precise electronic part detection, coating recovery, self-cleaning belt systems and integrated control systems.

Benefits of Using Automatic Spray Coating Machines

In today’s manufacturing sector, choosing an automatic spray paint and coating systems over manual applications is vital for companies that want to stay competitive. Many of these machines provide an immediate return on investment, as the production efficiencies of automation far outweigh those involving manual labor. Some of the most notable advantages of using automatic spray coating machines in line finishing are:

  • Increased speed and productivity: One of the primary benefits of using a spray coating machine is the speed at which it can complete a coating job. If your product line contains backed-up items that need coating quickly and accurately, a spray coating machine can perform faster and more uniformly than manually spraying.
  • Improved consistency: A spray coating machine can coat products with uniform and controlled thicknesses, ensuring consistent coverage and a high-quality finish. These machines also provide increased material savings on coatings compared to manual applications that often involve overspray.
  • Ease of use: Once fitted and customized for your specific application, spray coating machines provide quicker setup times and ease of use for your operators.

Types of Spraying Systems We Offer

At Dubois Equipment, we offer an extensive range of spray coating machines that includes:

Why Partner With Dubois Equipment?

Backed by superior quality and the highest levels of customer service, Dubois Equipment strives to offer you the best spray coating machine systems on the market. We stand above the competition because:

  • We use the highest quality and most readily available materials in the industry.
  • We build our equipment at our Indiana facility in the USA, offering faster lead times than many overseas manufacturers.
  • We leverage our 50 years of industry experience to provide the most comprehensive manufacturing advice and technical assistance.
  • We have a dedicated laboratory inside our facility to perform testing and ensure our equipment meets the highest quality standards. 

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The team at Dubois Equipment is committed to providing you with the most optimal spraying system solutions for your application, from fan coaters to linear sprayers to pipe coaters and more. Contact us today to discuss your finishing equipment needs.

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