Dubois Equipment

Finishing Systems

Dubois Equipment specializes in finishing systems and solutions for wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Our flat line finishing systems are developed to meet a wide range of process needs in a variety of industries, and include flat panel finishing systemsspray finishing systems, and UV finishing systems. Applications include: flooring, cabinetry, paneling, siding, doors, specialty glass, plastics, extruded metal products, molding, and trim.

Dubois has been an established leader in wood finishing systems for more than half a century, and as the premier producer of complete flat line finishing systems for prefinished wood flooring, we have invested 35 years in perfecting that technology. Through the years, our innovation and expertise in wood finishing systems has expanded to include metal finishing systems and specialty finishing systems.  

Dubois finishing systems are developed to provide comprehensive process capabilities including stain coating, curing, scuffing, UV curing, top coating, and more. Our finishing systems integrate the industry’s best, most reliable components into an efficient turnkey system. Our machines are designed and constructed with standard readily available components. Quality parts and materials work in concert to deliver reliable results while minimizing costs, downtime, and lost productivity. Request your custom quote or contact us today.