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Structural Steel Coating

Dubois Equipment manufactures systems for applying steel coating, paint and clear coats to structural steel. Our goal is to maintain a pleasing aesthetic intended by the designer balanced with heavy durability. We’ll work with you to create a customized solution that will help you meet local regulations, reduce waste and optimize your productivity. Our goal is to work with you to help you achieve consistency in all of your finished products. 

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About Our Services 

Dubois Equipment designs, engineers, manufactures and services all of our coating machines for structural steel in America. Our team of engineers will work with you to help you find the structural steel coating machine to apply protective coating onto your substrates. This coating protects against corrosion, rust and more to ensure the long-term performance of your steel. It’s key to consider the environmental factors that the steel will face to choose the perfect solution and our team can accommodate this process with customized solutions. 

We specifically offer spray coaters for cut-to-length structural steel as well as vacuum coaters for continuous lengths of structural steel. Whatever kind of structural coating machine you need, Dubois Equipment can help with cost-effective and incredibly flexible solutions.

Overcoming Obstacles With Protective Coating Systems

There are several common obstacles faced when creating protective coating systems for steel:

  • Cost and time-intensive labor: Manual labor for producing high-quality and consistent finishes across steel can be time-consuming and expensive. Automated equipment solutions can make the process easy and efficient. 
  • Insufficient systems: The manual process may not be able to keep up with major demand from your customers. Steel coating systems can allow you to scale to meet the demand for automation. 
  • Reduced profits: The cost of hiring and training many employees with coating experience to manually create a quality finish can shrink your profits. Structural steel coating machines can help your team to eliminate this problem and boost production. 

Our Service Benefits

Dubois Equipment has built a legacy of excellence for more than 50 years. Our services have a number of key benefits for structural steel coating: 

  • Cost-effective: Our machines bring cost-effectiveness to your operation since it’s easy and efficient to scale to meet demand. 
  • Parts availability: Rather than using specialty parts, our engineers design our steel coating systems with common parts, so repairs are simple and convenient. 
  • Customization: Our team will design machines specifically for your productivity and efficiency. 
  • Reliable performance: Dubois Equipment uses automation to achieve reliable performance and uniformity across structural steel projects.  

Choose Dubois Equipment for Premium Structural Steel Coating Machines

Dubois Equipment structural steel coating systems help manufacturers of steel to reliably and uniformly coat their metal solutions. Our team of world-class engineers offers customizable systems with common parts for maximum convenience in hitting production goals and system maintenance over time.

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