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Profile Sanding

Sand, buff and seal your products with the Dubois profile sander for contoured and profiled substrates. This heavy-duty sander uses profiled wheels to match your substrate to sealer sand, white wood sand and post-sanding so that you can get the ideal result with every use.

Many operations explore profile sanders for sale like this one to work with trim and molding, siding and flooring.

Primary uses:

  • Moulding and trim
  • Flooring
  • Siding

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Product Description

The Dubois profile sander for wood creates a high-quality finish on any substrate up to 12 inches wide, making it an excellent choice for sanding trim, molding, flooring and siding. Find your way to maximum productivity on your production line, as this machine can increase your line speed to up to 500 feet per minute (FPM). 

Everything about your new profile sanding machine is designed to provide ease of use for operators. Its highly customizable setup allows it to integrate seamlessly into existing lines, and the hub-based assembly method means you can complete changeovers in less than five minutes. With independent brush height adjustment and heads on the top and either side of the machine, you can sand every part of your products with just one pass.

This vertical edge machine also features optional parts like additional top heads and HMI or PLC interfaces upon request.

Key features:

  • Independent brush height adjustment
  • Integrates into existing or new lines
  • 2 side head assemblies each with 2 heads
  • Adjustable line speed (up to 500 FPM)
  • Efficient to change heads
  • Easy to use for operators

Optional features:

  • HMI or PLC interface
  • 3 top heads standard, up to 6 available

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