Represents amount of product coated for a given time period, can be calculated with Surface Area Calculator.
5%-20% for solvent/waterbased stain
20%-45% for solvent/waterbased clear coats
25%-45% for solvent/waterbased paint
25%-40% for solvent/water reduced UV
100% for 100% solids UV
Total thickness of coating after all water and/or solvents have evaporated from coating (1 mil = 0.001")
99% for roll coater, curtain coater, & vacuum coater
98% for Mist Coater
65%-80% for reciprocators and rotary spray with belt reclaim
55%-70% for reciprocators and rotary spray without belt reclaim
40%-70% for electrostatic spray line
35%-65% for hand spray
$10-$25 for solvent/waterbased stain
$30-$45 for solvent/waterbased clear coats
$35-$45 for solvent/waterbased paint
$25-$40 for solvent/water reduced UV
$45-$60 for 100% solids UV
Coating Cost Represents coating cost for a given time period
Coating Cost per sq ft Does not include any labor, utilities, capital cost, etc.