A well finished door sells the cabinet. Contractors and homeowners understand the important role beautiful cabinetry plays in creating a home’s first impression. When selecting cabinets, buyers look for flawless finishes, solid feel, and consistency throughout the cabinet system.Dubois Equipment is the industry’s trusted source for cabinet door finishing systems. Our systems take white wood through the desired finishing and coating processes, producing quality finished cabinet doors. Manually finishing cabinet doors can produce a markedly different appearance from door to door, depending on the individual doing the finishing and the time of day the finishing is done. Our finishing systems produce a consistent, dependable look, from door to door. Even if cabinet doors need to be replaced at some point, the replacement doors will precisely match the originals.

Our cabinet door finishing systems offer additional benefits, beyond consistent, quality product. Efficiency and productivity are increased, with predictable and dependable material usage and cost. Ultimately, a Dubois cabinet door finishing system means better product, higher production, and more profitability for your bottom line. Contact us today to discuss your finishing system needs.

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