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Cabinet Drawer Side Finishing Systems

At Dubois Equipment, we understand that each cabinet component must meet the highest quality and performance standards, including the parts not readily visible at first glance. Drawer sides are among a cabinet’s most critical components, enabling a drawer to close smoothly and accurately. These hidden parts require strict finishing processes to ensure durability, coating adhesion and superior aesthetics.

Our finishing equipment is among the industry’s most elite because it addresses the unique needs of each application. We work with each customer to help them create a customized solution that improves manufacturing efficiency and product quality. 

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Types of Finishing Equipment We Offer for Wood Drawer Sides

Dubois Equipment supplies a comprehensive range of drawer-side finishing systems that accommodate various species and sizes of wood, including machines for drawer-side coating and sanding. Our machinery solutions provide high-workload capabilities and increased production speeds without sacrificing quality while performing:

  • Drawer-side sanding: Our automatic sanding solutions set the standard for the finishing industry, from distressers to profile and scuff sanders. We can also design and manufacture sanding machinery specific to nearly any wood finishing application.
  • Drawer-side coating: Coating machinery from Dubois Equipment ensures that each cabinet side is sealed correctly and delivers smooth movement. Our solutions range from edge coating systems and vacuum coaters to spray machines and roll coaters.
  • Curing: Curing ovens help improve efficiency and product quality by optimizing coating hardening and drying. We offer machinery that provides ultraviolet (UV), gas infrared (IR), electric IR and other curing solutions. 

We also supply many other finishing equipment solutions to improve efficiency and minimize downtime for side drawer finishing, including cooling tunnels, brush cleaning and material handling systems.

Drawer Sides

Benefits of Choosing Dubois Equipment

Dubois Equipment is a single source for American-made, high-quality finishing equipment benefitting an extensive application range, including cabinet drawer side finishing. With decades of combined experience, our engineers can work with you to identify the most practical and efficient solutions for your unique application, whether you require a single machine or an entire manufacturing line. We use strict quality control processes and premium-grade components to build equipment that will deliver many years of reliable service.

We prioritize customer satisfaction, giving each customer the individualized attention they deserve regardless of the project’s scope or size.


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If you need an entirely new side finishing system or want to upgrade an existing one, the engineers at Dubois Equipment can assist you. We have helped customers improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality for decades by offering the industry’s highest-performing finishing solutions. Contact us today with questions or to obtain a quote. 

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