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End Panels, Fill Strip, Toe Kicks

Home owners and contractors consider cabinetry largely based on the look of the completed cabinet system. While the cabinet doors may supply the initial “wow factor”, the complimentary details speak to the quality of the entire cabinet system. Details such as end panels, fill strips, trim and toe kicks should reflect solid, beautiful finishes throughout the system.

Dubois Equipment is the industry’s reputable source for wood cabinet finishing systems. Our systems offer high production capability with the ability to run flat white wood through the desired finishing and coating processes for end panels, fill strips, trim and toe kicks. These finished pieces are ready for secondary operations, and resist marring or scratching during handling, due to their solid finish. We have developed finishing systems designed to suit the needs of cabinet component suppliers and finished cabinet manufacturers alike. Our systems provide a beautiful, consistent finish every time.

Our cabinet component finishing systems offer additional advantages, beyond consistent, quality product. Improved efficiencies result in higher production, with predictable and dependable material usage and cost. 

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Dubois cabinet component finishing systems produce quality product, increase productivity, and expand profitability to improve your bottom line. Contact us today to discuss your specific finishing equipment needs.

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