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End Panels, Fill Strip, Toe Kicks

Finishing Systems for Cabinet End Panels, Fill Strips and Toe Kicks

Manufacturing high-performance cabinets continues after producing quality doors, drawers and sides. A successful cabinetmaker understands the importance of all the secondary components to achieve superior functionality and high aesthetics, including end panels, fill strips and toe kicks. Precise surface finishing is one of the most critical processes in producing consistent parts in high volumes.

At Dubois Equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of machinery that maximizes efficiency, product quality and worker safety. We work closely with customers to develop equipment solutions best suited for their finishing applications.

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Types of End Panel, Fill Strip and Toe Kick Finishing Systems We Offer

Because end panels, fill strips and toe kicks typically contain the same wood types as the cabinet’s primary components, they require the same high-quality finishes. Consistency and accuracy are critical when finishing these pieces because they are essential to the entire cabinet system’s functionality. 

Make the finishing process seamless with machines for:

  • Sanding: Sanding operations help ensure a smooth, even surface for the finishing stages by removing rough spots, scratches and uneven areas. Our sanding equipment lines include profile sanders, distressers and scuff sanding systems.
  • Coating: Besides helping enhance a surface’s appearance, coating equipment is critical for protecting surface quality and ensuring a long, reliable product life. Coating machinery from Dubois Equipment includes vacuum coaters, spray machines, roll coaters and curtain coating systems. 
  • Curing: Curing ovens help facilitate the hardening and drying of various coatings, improving production efficiency and minimizing bottlenecks in manufacturing. We build electric infrared (IR) ovens, gas IR curing systems, ultraviolet (UV) curing ovens and more.

We also offer other equipment solutions that streamline machine cleanup, minimize maintenance requirements and improve productivity, from embosser and material handling equipment to cooling tunnels and cleaning brush systems.  

Benefits of Choosing Dubois for Complete Cabinet Finishing Systems

Benefits of Choosing Dubois for Complete Cabinet Finishing Systems

The engineers at Dubois Equipment understand that each finishing application is different. We will leverage our expertise to develop complete cabinet finish systems for your manufacturing line, including custom solutions that integrate with your existing equipment.

Our innovative facility in Indiana enables us to produce all our American-made products in one place and offer shorter lead times than many competitors. We use stringent quality control programs to ensure each system meets client expectations. Our in-house lab capabilities allow us to thoroughly test each machine we build while developing new, state-of-the-art solutions.


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At Dubois Equipment, our engineers are committed to helping customers implement the most practical, efficient and highest-quality finishing solution for their cabinet manufacturing operations. We have decades of experience and technical expertise working with some of the industry’s most recognized cabinetmakers. Contact us today for a quote or more information on our innovative solutions. 

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