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Cabinet Face Frame Finishing Systems

Although often hidden from plain view, face frames are essential components surrounding a cabinet’s front edges, usually consisting of vertical and horizontal rails. To ensure a smooth closing and a flush appearance, these frames require precision manufacturing — including high-quality finishing. Excellent construction helps a cabinet system deliver many years of sturdy and reliable use.

Dubois Equipment offers purpose-built finishing equipment for custom and standard face frame layouts and other cabinetry components. Our knowledgeable engineers have decades of combined experience working with manufacturing companies to identify the most practical finishing systems, helping maximize productivity, machine efficiency and product quality.

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Finishing Equipment for Cabinet Face Frames

Dubois Equipment designs and manufactures face-frame finishing systems that handle various wood sizes and types, including customized face-frame coating and sanding machines. We utilize premium-grade components and strict quality control parameters to ensure each piece of equipment lives up to our high reputation. Several examples of our equipment offerings include:

  • Face-frame sanding machines: High-precision sanding is essential for accurate surface preparation and setting the stage for a superior coating or finish. Our face-frame sanding solutions include scuff sanding machines, profile sanders and distressers.
  • Face-frame coating machines: Coatings help protect face frames from potential damage while increasing the overall appearance of the cabinet’s interior. Our innovative coating equipment options range from roll coaters and spray machines to vacuum coaters and edge coating systems.
  • Curing equipment: Curing ovens are vital for increasing efficiency and improving quality when a coating dries or hardens. We offer several machine types, including high-velocity, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) curing systems.
  • Other finishing solutions: Dubois Equipment supplies an extensive selection of other equipment that supplements many face-frame finishing processes, from material handling and embossing to cleaning brush systems and cooling tunnels.
Advantages of Choosing Dubois Equipment

Advantages of Choosing Dubois Equipment

Dubois Equipment is proud to offer top-class face-frame finishing systems geared toward your unique cabinet-building needs. We set ourselves apart from other machine manufacturers by:

  • Ensuring each product is American-made at our Indiana facility, benefitting from the industry’s fastest lead times.
  • Leveraging decades of manufacturing and design experience to provide superior technical expertise and manufacturing advice.
  • Utilizing our testing laboratory to develop new products and ensure our finishing systems meet the highest quality and performance standards. 

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Dubois Equipment is committed to providing your company with the most practical face-frame finishing machinery. We’ll work closely with you to identify a product or develop a custom machine that helps maximize your application’s production efficiency and enhances product quality. Contact our team today to learn more about how our equipment can benefit your business. 

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