The Dubois OVSD series of ovens are used for curing coatings on long parts—such as moldings—while being conveyed laterally, or side by side. The OVSD series of ovens are made from modular sections, each containing a specific set of curing tools as needed for your specific needs. Tools may include: gas IR panels, electric halogen and IR panels, UV curing, convection heat, impinged and laminar air systems, and forced-cooling systems.Parts are conveyed through the ovens using high-temperature chain conveyors. The design allows for heavy parts to be handled easily with minimum wear and long life. Plated chain is always used in order to minimize any marking on the backs of the parts. In special applications belting material is available for delicate parts to eliminate all marking.


The standard ovens are designed to handle parts up to 20’ in length, however, shorter lengths are available. Each section is built in 4’ widths for easy handling and efficient shipping.

Design Features

  • Handle parts up to 20’ in length
  • Modular construction for efficient shipping and assembly
  • Handles curing for water-borne or solvent coatings
  • Virtually any configuration available
  • Fully-insulated steel construction
  • Fully-accessible through removable panels

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