Dubois Equipment is the industry’s source for linear spray systems for priming, sealing, and finishing linear stock. Through years of experience and ongoing innovation we’ve developed linear spray solutions that reduce waste, meet regulatory standards, and increase productivity. We strategically partner with our customers to understand their needs and processes, and  help them to achieve optimal, consistent quality in their finished products, run after run.Our linear spray machine offering includes SP-12 linear spray machines, SM-12 linear sprayers, 12″ wide mist coaters, and SR-12 linear spray machines.

Equipment is a huge investment, and the reliability of your equipment is something your business depends on. That is why we build our linear spray machines with quality components that are widely available. If a component should happen to go bad, you won’t be held up waiting for specialty parts or forced to buy a whole new machine. Instead you will be able to easily replace the failed component, and your linear spray machine will be back in production fast.

Comprehensive fabrication capabilities and decades of experience have enabled us to deliver customized finishing systems that meet today’s needs, and provide the flexibility to meet future demands. Our linear spray machines are engineered to perform reliably, for minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Dubois is a recognized leader in quality finishing equipment, including linear spray systems. We develop efficient turnkey systems that are customized to work for you. Contact us today to discuss your flat line spray equipment needs.