Dubois Equipment is your comprehensive source for finishing equipment and complete finishing equipment systems. Solidly constructed for long term reliability, our equipment is engineered with innovations to improve productivity, minimize clean-up, simplify maintenance, and virtually eliminate downtime. All Dubois finishing equipment it manufactured in the U.S., to assure fast response and prompt availability of replacement parts from local suppliers.

Cleaning Brush

Our cleaning brush systems remove sanding dust from flat, contoured, or three-dimensional substrates to provide a clean surface for a high quality finish.  Depending on the application need, our systems can include features such as cleaning brushes in custom widths, air nozzles for dust removal from the recessed areas, as well as ion air knife technology for removal of any statically charged surface debris.

Roll Laminating

We manufacture heavy duty roll laminators, which are uniquely engineered and fabricated to meet specific application needs.  We have roll laminating equipment designed for product up to 6′ wide. We work closely with our customers to develop the most cost-efficient, high-performance equipment to meet your goals and requirements. Dubois is your source for roll laminating and filmer equipment.

Cooling Tunnel

Our cooling tunnels are designed to cool product before it is packaged off of the end of the line.  The cooling tunnel length is determined by the line speed, substrate type, and cooling requirements.


We have developed a heavy duty roll embosser that incorporates digital readout technology on height adjustment for precision control. Our embosser is available with a live roll or belt conveyor to transport substrate through machine. Developed to meet specific application requirements, our embosser is available with a hydraulic power unit to provide roll pressure.

Material Handling

Dubois Equipment is your source for material handling systems, including feeder equipment and stacker equipment. Our systems can be designed to incorporate all of the handling equipment required to move your product from process to process—from loading raw stock, to bundling coated and cured pieces ready for shipping.

Contact Dubois Equipment to discuss how we can meet your needs with systems and equipment developed to comprehensively meet your process needs.