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The Dubois Rotary Spray system has four to eight rotating arms, each with a programmable spray gun that can be angled and cycled. This machine is engineered to define the actual size and shape of each part, as it passes under a scanner. The speed of the line and the rate of rotation can be varied to achieve optimum levels of quality. These adjustments enable the rotary spray unit to achieve feed speeds of more than 30 FPM.

Primary uses

  • Contoured or 3D substrates
  • Interior/exterior doors
  • Cabinet doors
  • Flat panels

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Key features:

  • Color change
  • Automatic part detection
  • Coating recovery system
  • Exhaust filter system

Optional features:

  • Paper belt or belt cleaning system
  • Can be equipped with medium pressure or HVLP guns

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Well constructed for long term dependability, Dubois equipment is engineered to improve productivity and minimize downtime, maintenance and clean-up. Our equipment is manufactured in the U.S., to assure rapid response and availability of replacement parts from local suppliers. Contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

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