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UV Mist Coater

The Dubois UV Mist Coater machines provide precision coating, plus the capability for a smooth, consistent finish on uneven surfaces such as trim, mouldings, door jambs, & cabinet components. The Dubois UV Mist Coater requires the use of 100% solids UV coatings. This machine reclaims coating from the filter system and the belt for maximum efficiency. Our spray units are designed to meet your coating and spraying requirements.

Primary uses:

  • Tube and pipe
  • Moulding and trim
  • Door jambs
  • Conduit
  • Cabinet components
  • Wood flooring
  • Structural steel

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Key features:

  • Easy set-up and adjustment
  • Can accommodate varying part dimensions without set-up changes
  • Overspray recovery system
  • Exhaust filter system
  • Minimal end of shift clean-up
  • Integrated electrical control panel
  • No spray setup required for different profiles

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Solidly constructed for long term reliability, Dubois equipment is engineered with innovations to improve productivity and minimize clean-up, maintenance and downtime. It’s manufactured in the U.S., to assure fast response and prompt availability of replacement parts from local suppliers. Contact us today to discuss your finishing equipment needs.

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