As an industry leader in finishing equipment, Dubois Equipment has developed an extensive line of roll coating equipment for a variety of applications. Our roll coating equipment is widely used for the application of liquid adhesives, oils, paints, varnishes and clear coatings. We meet a broad range of roll coating process needs with solutions customized according to coating type, substrate dimensions, full or partial coat, handling requirements, and clean up needs.

Our roll coating equipment selections include differential roll coaters, compact differential roll coaters, triple head stain coaters, reverse roll coating, combination roll coaters, and wood grain printing.

Finishing equipment is a substantial investment. ¬†Your profits depend on the reliability of your roll coating system. With that in mind, we build all of our equipment with quality components that are widely available and accessible. If a component fails on your roll coating system, you won’t be held up waiting for specialty parts or forced to buy a whole new piece of equipment. Instead you will be able to easily replace the faulty component, and your roll coating system will be back in production fast.

We are able to customize roll coating equipment solutions by drawing upon our extensive experience and full fabrication capabilities. By partnering with our customers to develop strategic solutions, we have not only delivered solutions for today, but solutions that have the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s needs. Our roll coating equipment systems are developed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime for full profit potential.

Dubois is a recognized leader in finishing equipment innovations, including the development of custom roll coating systems. We engineer solutions using the best components available to develop efficient turnkey systems. Contact us today to discuss your roll coating equipment needs.