The Dubois standard rotary spray system has four to eight rotating arms, each with a programmable spray gun that can be angled and cycled. The control system produces precise arc patterns in repetitive and overlapping waves. This allows for perfectly wrapped edges and properly filled recesses, producing much higher quality finishes than conventional automated finishing systems.

The Dubois spray system starts by defining the actual size and shape of each part, as it passes under a scanner. Each gun is activated as it goes over the part to be sprayed.

The rotary spray action is based on a principle that is fundamentally superior to reciprocating action. By using a fully rotating head with guns that track across the width of the conveyor and equipped with up to eight guns, the system accurately applies coatings to the parts. The speed of the line and the rate of rotation can be varied so as to achieve optimum levels of quality. These adjustments enable the rotary spray unit to achieve feed speeds of more than 30f/min.

Key features:

  • Enclosure with access doors, light fixtures, and air makeup fan
  • Complete pump/gun system with two independent gun supply circuits
  • Control panel with 10” color touch screen operator interface
  • Photocell light curtain with receptors on ½” centers for precise part detection
  • Recovery system to collect fluid from conveyor belt
  • Belt cleaning system
  • Exhaust filter system

Primary uses

  • Apply coating to contoured or three-dimensional substrates up to 52” wide & 4” tall

Well constructed for long term dependability, Dubois equipment is engineered to improve productivity and minimize downtime, maintenance and clean-up. Our equipment is manufactured in the U.S., to assure rapid response and availability of replacement parts from local suppliers.

Contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

Rotary Spray Front with Win Rotary Spray spray nozzle