Dubois Equipment is the industry’s source for innovative finishing equipment including stain wiping systems. To achieve the ultimate high quality finish, stain wiping is done to assure smooth, even stain distribution. Our multi- head wiping systems make the stain wiping process faster and more efficient, with consistent results every time.

Our stain wiping systems include cylindrical stain wiping and rotary stain wiping equipment.

We understand that your equipment is a substantial investment, and that the success of your business depends on the reliability of your stain wiping system. That is why we build our all of the equipment we make with quality components that are readily available and accessible. If a part fails, your business will not be brought to a halt while waiting for specialty parts, and you won’t be forced to buy a whole new piece of equipment. Instead you will be able to easily replace the faulty component, and your stain wiping system will be back in production fast.

Dubois offers you the benefits of full fabrication capabilities and decades of experience in developing finishing equipment. We are able to build a custom stain wiping system to your specifications and needs. We partner with our customers to understand their needs and operation, so that we can build a solution that meets their present needs, and allows for future growth.

Dubois is a recognized leader in finishing equipment innovations, developing efficient turnkey systems that are customized to work for you. Contact us today to discuss your stain wiping equipment needs.