Dubois Equipment develops UV curing solutions that optimize production processes and efficiencies in a broad range of industries. UV curing offers a multitude of advantages for coating, bonding, printing and other applications with faster drying times, lower costs, and enhanced productivity. The process of 100% solids UV coatings offer the benefit that they do not release VOCs or other environment pollutants. Another benefit of UV curing is an up to 80% smaller physical footprint than with other types of curing.We develop a broad selection of UV curing equipment including 12″ 3D UV ovens, 24″-72″ Wide 3D UV ovens, flat product UV ovens, gloss control, and pipe curing ovens.

We know finishing equipment is an important investment and that the success of your business depends on it. That’s why we build our UV curing equipment with quality components that are widely available and accessible. That means if a component ever goes bad, you won’t be held up for weeks, waiting for specialty parts. Or worse yet, forced to buy a whole new piece of equipment. Instead you’ll be able to easily replace the failed component, and your UV curing equipment will be back in production fast.

Our extensive experience as a finishing systems specialist and full fabrication capabilities has enabled us to offer the best UV curing systems available. We partner with our customers to develop UV curing equipment solutions that meet today’s needs, and provide the flexibility to grow with tomorrow’s potential. Our UV curing ovens are developed to optimize productivity and reduce downtime for improved bottom line.

Since 1969, Dubois Equipment Company has been developing UV curing equipment, and has since become a recognized leader with four patents for UV finishing machines. We build customized solutions using the best components available to develop efficient turnkey systems. Contact us today to discuss your UV curing equipment needs.

US Patent 7,265,365 & 7,411,202

US Patent 7,265,365 & 7,411,202