When it comes to wood finishing systems, our experience is unmatched. For over 50 years, Dubois Equipment has been a leader in the development of wood finishing systems. Throughout the last 30 years, we have been the primary producer of complete flat line wood finishing systems for prefinished flooring. Our comprehensive line of wood finishing systems includes floor finishingwood cabinet finishingwood door finishingflat panel finishing, and wood trim finishing.

Dubois wood finishing systems are developed to streamline equipment and processes into one efficient system that maximizes productivity and eliminates downtime during the production process. Our flat line wood finishing systems include scuff sanders, stain application roll coaters, reverse fill roll coaters, differential roll coaters, stain wipe units, high velocity gas fired ovens, IR ovens, UV ovens, cooling tunnels, and conveyors.

Dubois experts will work with you to develop a wood finishing system that addresses your equipment and process needs in a complete turnkey system. Contact us today to discuss your specific wood finishing system needs.