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Benefits of Automated Spray Coating Systems

Dubois automatic spray coating machines

The liquid finish on many products is essential for protecting materials from corrosion, UV damage, abrasion and more. Some manufacturers use manual spraying methods to coat their products. However, manual spraying can be inefficient, expensive and unsafe.

Investing in automated metal coating machines can benefit your manufacturing company in numerous ways. The advantages include reducing costs, reducing waste, increasing output and improving workplace safety. We take a look at these automatic pipe coating machine benefits in the guide below.

1. Reducing Waste and Costs

Automatic spray coating equipment eliminates waste and reduces costs in a few ways.

Reduce Bounce-Back and Overspray

Bounce-back and overspray are typical issues when applying liquid finishes with manual coating spray equipment. They both cause a significant amount of product waste. In comparison, automated spray systems are far more accurate and precise. They continuously adjust the nozzle, spray height and volume of fluid dispensed when coating products. The result is that less liquid is wasted when spraying products.

Ensure Consistent Finish Application

Coating spray equipment also ensures uniform application of finishes to oddly shaped parts and hard-to-reach interior areas. A consistent application of coatings onto products can help limit the need to scrap or re-spray products that have been incorrectly coated.

The flexibility of spray machines to cover nearly any shaped product means you save time adjusting the position of what you are coating. A range of different products can also be sent along the conveyor belt instead of just one product at a time.

Boost Productivity and Savings

As a result of this flexibility and accuracy when spraying products, automated spray systems can reduce wasted time in manufacturing. There is less time spent adjusting products and the spraying machine, so the automated system is more efficient.

Metal coating machines require less downtime than manual sprayers when changing spray setups. Once you have programmed different coating types for specific products, you can switch between them quickly. The machine adjusts the spray level, nozzle position and more accordingly.

Automated spray coating machines are also versatile. They can spray various liquids including paint, stains, protective coatings and finishes. This versatility means that you can invest in one device with multiple functions instead of several machines that each have one function. 

Automatic spray coating systems need less human intervention and monitoring. Employees now have more time to focus on tasks that require intense concentration and human skill.

Spray coating machines improve workplace safety

2. Increasing Workplace Safety

A significant benefit of automatic spray coating systems is that they can enhance workplace safety. Many of the chemicals used in spraying and finishing applications are toxic properties or flammable. They can present a severe health risk to human operators while spraying products.

Eliminate Air-Borne Chemicals

Automated systems are typically enclosed. Products pass under the spray nozzle that is held within a covered compartment. This setup eliminates the spraying of dangerous and volatile chemicals into the air, leading to a lower risk of long-term health problems for employees or accidents in your facility.

Filters in automated machines also keep chemicals or pollutants from escaping the system and entering the air in the factory. Workers spend less time handling these hazardous materials, reducing the possibility of spills and contact with dangerous chemicals.

Reduce Slip Hazards

These systems also reduce slipping hazards in your facility by ensuring a cleaner work environment. If there is any excess coating and finish liquids when spraying, they remain in the enclosed spraying systems rather than gathering on the floor during production. Workers no longer have to worry about falling due to slippery equipment or floors. A clean workplace is a safer workplace.

3. Improving Output Amount and Quality

Being able to increase your output without sacrificing quality is essential. The more high-quality products you can produce quickly, the more orders you can take. Automated metal spray coating machines can help — they can increase the speed and the quality of the coating. Together, these two features enable you to improve the output and quality of the goods you manufacture.

Spray Items More Quickly

Automated pipe coating machines are considerably faster than manual spray coating. Automatic spray coating systems can spray large quantities of products in a short amount of time, increasing your output drastically. If you manufacture large products or parts, they can take hours or even days to coat when spraying manually. Automated coating machines can significantly reduce the time it takes to finish spraying large products, allowing you to complete more orders over time.

Experience Less Downtime

Further, there is less downtime between changing liquid coatings or colors. You can then coat multiple batches of different products with varying finishing requirements in a shift. There is no need for manual adjustments or tooling changes that can waste manufacturing time.

Once you have programmed different colors or spraying needs into a machine, you can switch between them by pressing a few buttons. The ability to rapidly change between coatings is essential if multiple batches of products need to be sprayed in different colors or with different finishes.

Achieve Even Sprays

Inconsistent spray coating can result in lower-quality products and increase the need for touch-ups and reworks. Automatic spraying systems coat products with a uniform and consistent thickness to ensure complete coverage and a high-quality finish.

Every product has the same level of coating on every part when sprayed by an automated coating system — there is no overlapping coating from over-spraying or spots missed resulting in cleaner finishes. This quality remains the same with every batch, resulting in consistently high-quality products.

The consistent quality of products saves time in manufacturing, resulting in higher outputs for your facility.

Automated spray coating systems from Dubois

Upgrade Your Spraying System With Dubois Equipment Company

Automatic spray coating systems empower businesses to improve the quality and output of their manufacturing facility while reducing costs. Dubois Equipment Company provides a range of automatic spray coating machines to help your business enhance its manufacturing process.

In partnership with Timesavers, we can develop industry-leading spraying systems tailored to your specific process needs, budget and industry regulations or standards. We will work closely with you to create a system that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime to increase profits.

Contact Dubois Equipment Company today to request a quote. You can also reach out to a Dubois representative to learn more about automatic spray coating systems.