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Kitchen Cabinets & Components Line

The KC&C Line offered by Timesavers & Dubois is a line that starts with the Timesavers Orbital Sander, then finishes with the Dubois Equipment Brush Cleaner, then the Dubois LD Recip Machine.

This will be a fully automated system that will orbital sand, brush clean, then coat kitchen cabinet linears, recessed panels and furniture parts.

The Conveyor W/ Brush Cleaner:

Kitchen Cabinets & Components Line

Customer Markets & Applications – Companies that focus on windows & doors, moulding & trim linears, recessed panels and architectural doors, as well as kitchen cabinet & furniture components.

Value Added To Our Customer:

  • The horizontal rotary brush cleaner is an efficient low-priced machine.
  • It is primarily used to clean parts after sanding to prevent defects below the coating surface.

Machine Features/Specs:

  • The horizontal brush machine is equipped with an anti-static cleaning brush and rotary overhead blower

LD, Single Arm, Recip Spray Machine:

Kitchen Cabinets & Components Line

Customer Markets & Applications – Cabinet frames and linears, recessed cabinet doors & parts, as well as furniture components.

Value Added To Our Customers:

  • This LD design is an excellent Reciprocating Spray Machine with a low price point and reduced footprint.
  • Can spray a variety of coatings – stains, sealers, top-coats, and adhesives. 

Machine Features/Specs:

  • The machine will include faster conveyor speeds as well as a wider max spray width for increased production.
  • Equipped with up to 3 spray circuits & dual stage overspray filters.
  • System which increases the ease of maintenance and filter life.
  • Machine sensor to only move conveyor if parts are detected.