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Pipe Coater Machine

As one of the best pipe coating companies in the industry, you know how essential it is to have a custom machine that fits your needs. The Dubois Pipe Coater equips you to apply 100% solid UV coating to metal pipes and tubes. A modular design allows it to take up as little floor space as possible while providing you with quality benefits like:

  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) elimination
  • Reduced air exhaust
  • Faster curing time

Primary uses:

  • Apply 100% Solids UV Coating to Pipe or Tube

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Product Description

Ensure your metal tubes and pipes have 100% UV protection. This external pipe coating machine by Dubois is constructed with a stainless steel spray enclosure and a steel frame and stand for durability. It features spray gun extensions and adjustable infeed and outfeed templates so that you can adapt them for pipes with various diameters. If you measure incorrectly, breakaway tabs prevent lasting damage.

As you spray, the machine can reclaim up to 98% of unused coating for reuse, saving you in material costs. With a control panel allowing you to monitor and react in real time and a pump system that gives you maximum fluid and air control, you can handle all your operation’s tube coating needs.

Key features:

  • Stainless steel spray enclosure with steel frame and stand
  • Fixed automatic spray guns with extensions allowing for gun adjustment for different diameter pipes
  • Manual height adjustment with digital indicator allowing for booth centerline adjustment for different diameter pipes
  • Easy-to-install infeed and outfeed templates for different diameter pipes with break-away tabs to keep enclosure from being damaged if pipe does not clear template opening
  • Stainless steel overspray recovery system allowing for 98% coating utilization and easy filter access/replacement
  • Pump system with steel stand, pump, surge suppressor, fluid filters, and back pressure regulator
  • Pump system allows for individual fluid pressure control, fluid temperature control, atomization air pressure control, atomization air temperature control, and on-the-fly fluid filter replacement
  • Control panel allowing for adjustable gun trigger time-delay-on and time-delay-off and automatic exhaust fan speed control to draw constant air flow through the spray enclosure

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Dubois Equipment is a tube coating machine manufacturer specializing in custom American-made equipment. We use high-quality materials in every product so you can get a machine you’ll rely on for years. Revolutionize your pipe coating procedures with this straightforward machine and keep your business’s productivity at its best. Contact the Dubois team for more information.

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