Dubois Equipment offers a variety of flat line spray systems for flat panels and three dimensional substrates. Our systems have helped our customers improve production efficiencies and achieve optimal, consistent quality in their finished products, run after run. Years of industry experience combined with ongoing innovation and development have enabled us to develop flat line spray systems that reduce waste, comply with regulatory requirements, and enhance productivity.We offer an array of flat line spray finishing systems including 24″ & 36″ wide mist coaters, rotary spray systems, 52″ spray reciprocators, 52″ paper belt reciprocators, and panel spray coaters.

Your flat line spray system is a substantial investment and the success of your business depends on its reliability. We build our flat line spray equipment with the best components, choosing parts that are widely available and accessible. That way, if a component goes out, you won’t be down waiting for specialty parts or forced to buy a whole new system. Since faulty components can be quickly and easily replaced, your flat line spray system will be back in production fast.

Our approach centers on a partnership with our customers to develop customized solutions that meet their needs. Full fabrication capabilities and extensive experience have enabled us to deliver finishing systems that meet current needs, and deliver flexibility to meet future demands. Our flat line spray equipment systems are designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime for increased profits.

Dubois is a recognized leader in finishing equipment innovations, including flat line spray systems. We develop efficient turnkey systems, engineered to provide excellent results and outstanding repeatability. Contact us today to discuss your flat line spray equipment needs.