Dubois Equipment has a dedicated lab facility to provide our customers with positive hands-on test results to maximize coating performance on virtually any substrate. Because the tests are conducted to achieve specific results with given substrates and coatings, it is preferred that customer personnel, and a representative from the coating supplier be present during the lab testing to assist in the evaluation of the results. An alternate function of our lab facility is that it is used for training of operators prior to equipment or system start-up. This allows the operators to receive “hands-on” instruction in an ideal training environment.

Lab details

Where required for test purposes, variable speed controls are installed. Various roll covers are available to suit specific coating requirements. All laboratory equipment installed is suitable for processing parts having a maximum width of 24″ while part lengths may vary up to 48″, unless otherwise noted in the machine description below. For test purposes, part dimensions within these parameters may be processed, but for convenience in handling 12″ x 18″ maximum substrate sizes are recommended.

Lab facility equipment

  • Differential Roll Coater, complete with a sponge covered applicator roll. This machine is normally used for the application of stains, but may also be used for normal differential coating work.
  • Combination Coater, used for combination coating tests, or normal differential coating work with the second head in the raised position. A chrome plated steel roll is available for use in the second head to allow simulation of reverse roll filling operations.
  • Curtain Coater, gravity type, with swiveling head design.
  • Vertical Edge Coater, differential type, conveyor mounted, complete with  UV curing unit and scuff sanding wheel.
  • 12” UV Mist Coater, equipped with three (3) automatic spray guns and automatic belt cleaning/reclaim system. Maximum part width of 12″ and maximum part height of 3″.
  • SP-12 Spray Machine, with: variable speed live roll conveyor, trigger mechanism to automatically turn guns on/off with an adjustable time delay, three (3) adjustable gun arms, three automatic guns, and pump system. Can be fitted with air assisted airless, hvlp, or airspray guns. Maximum part width of 12″ and minimum part length of 36″.
  • 24” 3D UV oven, includes two (2) 3D UV irradiators designed to provide both even dose and even intensity to all surfaces of the substrate at any location across the conveyor belt. Maximum part width of 24″ and maximum part height of 3″.
  • Flat UV Oven, conveyor mounted, with 25″ mercury and gallium “doped” lamps.
  • High Velocity Oven, gas fired, two-zones.
  • IR curing oven with short, medium, long wave electric and gas fired IR Catalytic
  • UV curing oven with LED and microwave emitters
  • 12” Scuff Sand Unit with belt conveyor, three (3) variable speed top de-nib heads, and two (2) edge de-nib head. Various sanding media is available.
  • Two-Station Scuff Sand Unit, complete with cleaning brush. Wire Brush and various scuffing media are available.
  • Stain Wiping Brush & Conveyor, with quick-change brush design.
  • Doctor Roll Temperature Control Unit
  • 52” rotary Spray Machine
  • Timesaver series 2300 Sander

Test equipment

Gloss meter, cross-cut tape adhesion test equipment, contact and non-contact temperature measuring equipment, air velocity meter, balance, RPM and surface speed indicators, durometer gauge, viscosity measuring cups, UV power puck and other testing equipment. To schedule a visit to our lab facilities, contact us today!