RECMD – Can be supplied as a paper belt machine

The Dubois spray reciprocator is an automated spray system from the company known for reliable and durable equipment. It is ideal for finishing material like raised-panel doors, flat panels, and drawer fronts. The reciprocator can have up to two circuits, each with four spray guns. With each set of four guns, it has an adjustable spray width of up to 52″. To achieve optimum finish quality, the line speed can be varied up to 25 FPM.

The standard reciprocator mounts eight programmable spray guns on a servo-transversal drive system. Our control system evenly applies finishing material in precise, overlapping waves. The result is tightly-wrapped edges and properly-filled recesses for a high-quality finish.

Since the spray guns are on two independent circuits, an operator can efficiently switch from one set of spray guns to another to achieve a completely different finish. Moreover, one spray gun circuit can operate, while another is being cleaned and readied for another material.

The Dubois spray reciprocator is technologically-advanced in terms of both design and usability. The computer touch screen allows the operator to easily make precise adjustments.

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Key features:

  • Eight spray guns (two circuits with four each) for a consistent finish
  • Adjustable spray width (up to 52”) and line speed (up to 25 FPM)
  • Efficient to clean and change finishing material
  • Environmentally-sound and economically viable
  • Easy to use for operators

Primary uses:

  • Contoured or three-dimensional substrates up to 52” wide
  • Raised panel doors
  • Flat panels
  • Drawer fronts

As with all Dubois equipment, our spray reciprocators are solidly built for long term reliability, and engineered to improve productivity and minimize clean-up, maintenance and downtime. Our equipment is manufactured in the U.S., to assure fast response and prompt availability of replacement parts from local suppliers.

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