The Dubois UV Mist Coaterâ„¢ applies 100% solid UV coating to wood substrates and achieves a conventional coating appearance. 100% solid UV coating eliminates all VOCs, reduces exhaust air, which reduces air make-up, and significantly reduces the amount of valuable floor space required by taking advantage of the UV curing process.

Key features:

  • Applies 100% Solid UV Coating to Contoured Substrates such as Kitchen Cabinet Doors
  • Fixed Spray Guns w/Initial Set-Up Only
  • No Adjustments for Changes in Part Dimensions
  • No End of Shift Clean-Up Required
  • Overspray Recovery System

Primary uses:

  • Apply 100% Solids UV Coating to Contoured or 3-Dimensional Substrates
  • Achieves Conventional Coating Appearance

Solidly constructed for long term reliability, Dubois equipment is engineered with innovations to improve productivity and minimize clean-up, maintenance and downtime. It’s manufactured in the U.S., to assure fast response and prompt availability of replacement parts from local suppliers. Contact us today to discuss your finishing system needs.

mist coater

US Patent 6,746,535 & 6,929,696