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What Is Reverse Roll Coating?

Roll coating (also called roll-to-roll coating) is the industrial process of applying a coating to a flat substrate by moving it between multiple rollers. Reverse roll coating is a variation of the roll-to-roll coating method used with wet coatings. 

Dubois Equipment can supply your business with a high-quality reverse roller coating machine that will maximize productivity and improve efficiency in your operations. 

The Roll-to-Roll Coating Strategy

Reverse roll coaters are an essential component of a wet coating strategy. These machines feature two reverse running nips, distinguishing them from other roll coating systems. 

In a typical reverse roll coating machine setup, the applicator and metering rolls rotate opposite the substrate. The surface of the applicator roll has an excessive amount of coating before the metering nip, which allows the surface to elevate with the desired coating thickness. 

During the operation of a reverse rolling machine, the substrate moves as it maneuvers around the base of the bolster roller, which wipes the material from the coating puddle off the applicator roll and onto a web. The web then travels in the opposite direction of a backing roll covered in rubber. 

The size of the gap or crevice between the metering and applicator rolls significantly impacts the process, as it controls the amount of the coating delivered to the web. The speed of the applicator roll is also important because faster rotation increases the coating volume on the web and vice-versa. These roller coating machines also have wider coating thicknesses and more extensive viscosity ranges. They work well when the need to vary the laydown rates arises. 

Advantages of Reverse Roller Coating Machines

While reverse rolling equipment typically costs more than other roller coaters, the process offers several valuable benefits. 

It provides increased flexibility to accommodate a broader range of coatings with enhanced precision. This technology can produce and apply uniform wet films at an extreme thinness and a slower speed if desired. You can also use the process to add thicker coatings than what is possible with forward rolling techniques, although extremely heavy layers could drip over the substrate’s lead or trailing edges. 

Learn More About Our Reverse Rolling Equipment

Dubois Equipment offers a wide range of reverse roller coating machines, including fill coaters that deliver smooth surfaces for various printing and finishing applications. Browse our lineup today. You can also contact us to request additional information or tell us about your equipment requirements.

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