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Dubois Equipment is proud to be included in the Allied PhotoChemical UV Equipment & Consulting Partners trusted to help them stay on top of industry trends, and ahead of industry standards.

Dubois Equipment will continue to hold itself to the highest possible business standards, as well as continue to innovate and grow in the UV Equipment Industry, allowing us to stay experts in this field.

For more information on The Allied PhotoChemical partnership, visit their website at

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Dubois equipment & Timesavers will be co-exhibiting at Woodworking Fair Midwest next week in Borden, IN. Timesavers & Dubois will both be showcasing multiple units. Come see our full solutions to your sanding & finishing needs.

Woodworking Fair Midwest will be a secondary market show, focusing on wood finishing, planing, profiling, cutting, grinding, sanding, and many other technologies and equipment.

For more information on WFM visit

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Dubois Equipment just completed a Linear Profile Sanding Machine, a small piece of a Prime Line awarded to Dubois. This will be the 4th Prime Line our customer has ordered from Dubois, due to their unmatched quality and short lead times. Take a look at the write-up.

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The Dubois Reciprocating Spray Machine is an automated finishing machine that uses reciprocating spray guns to coat a wide variety of products. The machine is equipped with up to three circuits, each with four spray guns. and an adjustable spray width of up to 52 inches. Finishing materials are applied in precise, overlapping waves resulting in a high quality finish. Operators can instantly switch from one circuit to another using the touchscreen interface. One circuit can apply coating while another circuit is being flushed and loaded with material for zero downtime

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The Ascend Series Curtain Coater & UV Oven can be used for coating plastics, silvering on mirrors, or pigmented coatings on wood or steel. A benefit that the UV Oven provides is the ability to immediately handle the material after it’s coated or allow the material to move on to another process. Contact us here if you’d like to find out how the Ascend Series can help your process.